elks interestThe 2017 International Cup, in Melbourne, Australia isfast approaching and it is now time for you to register your interest in playing for the Swedish men's national team ELKS.

Click here to register your interest to the national team's coaching staff. A train-on group will be selected at the begining of 2017 after a try-out weekend and an assesment of all registered players.

To be selected for the Elks the AFL reuires you to meet the following criteria:

i. the Player was predominantly resident in the country of the League between 10 and 16 years of age, subject to the qualification in sub-clause 8.2(b);

ii. the Player is a citizen of the country of the League at the time when the Competition is conducted, subject to the qualification in sub-clause 8.2(b);

AFL Sweden looks forward to another exciting and successful International Cup with the Elks!

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