Representative players from all clubs in Sweden come together to form the Swedish Elks!


Already in 1997 the Elks made their first appearance when they met Denmark's Vikings in Helsingborg. It took a good seven years for the next Elks match when the Elks defeated the touring North London Lions by 11 points in Malmö in 2004.


Since then the Elks have made and continue to make regular appearances on the international footy scene. In 2005, the team played Denmark in an amazing game at Farum, Denmark, with the game played out as a draw. During the following two years, the Elks competed with Denmark and Germany in the Tri-Nations Cup with matches played in all three countries.


Sweden also competed in the 2005 EU Cup in London, where they were unlucky to lose to Belgium in the final. However, they were able to go one step better in the 2007 EU Cup, where they defeated Germany in the final.


Strong growth in the Swedish league has seen the Elks competing even in the AFL International Cup (IC) in Australia. In their first appearance in 2008, the team did a tremendous effort and came 12th out of 16 competing teams, just one place behind Denmark. In 2011, the Elks could improve their position with a narrow win over Japan in their last game and gave them eleventh spot on the Division one ladder.


The Elks biggest success so far has been winning the International Cup division 2 final i 2014. A great effort with a young and promising team.



2016 Euro Championships - 4th Place

2015 Nordic Challenge - Winners

2014 Euro Cup - 8th Place

2014 International Cup - Division 2 winners

2013 Euro Championships - 4th Place

2011 International Cup - 11th Place

2010 Euro Championships - 3rd Place

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