AFL Sweden has currently both a men's and women's national team. The Elks (men's) and the Ravens (women's).

These two teams are made up of Swedish players from across the country and even some players that currently reside outside of Sweden.

A determining factor to selection is the amount of years lived in Sweden between a player's 10th and 16th birthdays. If a player has predominantly lived in Sweden during those years they are classified as a Swede. If not then they are a non-Swede. 

The national teams compete on a regular basis at international level at tournemants such as European Cup, European Championships, Nordic Challenge and the International Cup.

To find out more information about our national teams click on the links below to be directed to the team.



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Svenska Australiska Fotbollsförbundet (AFL Sweden)

Org. nr. 844001-2774 | BG 448-3293

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