Footy in Sweden is currently in it's most important growth period since the sport was introduced way back in 1993.

At the beginning of 2016 AFL Sweden has 11 member clubs and 2 regional affiliates under it's banner. The board is working to help members start new clubs in new regions as well as helping already established clubs to recruit and grow their membership bases.

The Stockholm region is the largest footy area with 5 clubs playing the Stockholm Australian Football Federation Premier League - Bromma, Norrtälje, Solna, Södermalm and Årsta. Nearby Uppsala have a club that is currently inactive as do Falun a little further north.

Karlstad and Landskrona both have clubs where members can get together to train and enjoy social events. 

The west coast team from Gothenburg do not currently play in a league but enjoy being a part of the AFL Sweden run Swedish Cup as well as some of it's players being involved in the national teams.

Further south in the metro areas of Helsingborg and Malmö we find two clubs that both compete in the Danish league.



Are you looking to start a club in your area?

AFL Sweden is currently experiencing a period of rapid growth and we are looking for driven, passionate people that want to help push this amazing sport into the future.

We recommend you first to get in touch with the executive board to see if there are already likeminded people in your area looking to start a club. Start a social media page on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and get the word out to start amassing followers, these could be your new club members. You may even find it easy to recruit members at local sport complexes, bars/pubs or at universities and schools.

From there it's full steam ahead and the following documents will help you and your mates to start a new footy club in no time!

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